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Tours designed to keep all ages engaged and learning.

Old San Juan Sightseeing Family Fun tour

Thank you for the interest shown in Old San Juan Sightseeing educational, 2 in 1- history and science, Family Fun experience! Tour designed to keep all ages engaged and learning!

Opulent Old San Juan cultural sightseeing tour

Let’s embrace the past and the present of the opulent city of Old San Juan – the walled colonial jewel, its art and architecture, history and culture, food and fun.


Nomadic Northwest: Caves, Beaches; Sinkholes, Karstic Mogotes

The most rewarding area of the island, owing to the magnificent ranges of karstic mogotes, or limestone hillocks, whose likes are only found in a handful of places in the world.

Northeast Puerto Rico: Rainforest, Rivers, Beach

We’ll explore unique Northeastern region that is home to coastal forests, wetlands, a bioluminescent lagoon, seagrass beds, shallow and deep coral reefs, and miles of pristine beaches.

Personalized according to your interests and needs

Contact us for custom designed tours including waterfalls tours, visits to coffee plantations, tours for children, and more!

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About ProfeNat

Natalie Yanyuk, Ed.D. co- founder and principal guide of Segway Rides Dubai, UAE;

Segway Tours Puerto Rico, and Profe Nat Tours PR, is an experienced guide and lecturer

who has lived in five countries, with over 27 languages and 32 nationalities for over 20 years.


She is pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration,

and has also taught classes on the educational methodology, philosophy of education.


Currently a resident of San Juan, Puerto Rico. She is completely fluent in English,

Spanish, Ukrainian and Russian.



If we could give this experience 10 stars we would! Our tour guide, Proffesor Nat's passion, knowledge and excitement for sharing the history, culture, beauty and flavors of this Island were infectious. She made our day so much fun. We felt like family. We so enjoyed all of this adventure along with many unexpected surprises and meeting local people along the way. We highly recommend this all day tour.

Made our trip here special!

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Professor Nat is knowledgeable, informative, and so much fun! She is an excellent storyteller and also very friendly. Having lived in several counties she brings a culturally diverse and neutral perspective to San Juan's rich history while also sharing a wealth of European colonial history. We highly recommend this tour. It was one of the highlights of our time in San Juan. If you are visiting San Juan, you should find time to book this tour.


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Nataliya was a wonderful tour guide! She was full of history and information about how PR became to be the cultural mix it is today. Her tour was informational, inspiring and most of all fun. We where a family of 4 with two teen girls and Nataliya was able to make it fun and engaging for them! Her mixture of Science, History and local knowledge of Old San Juan was enjoyed by us all. This is a great tour for families and I have no doubt she could even keep the youngest kids engaged through the tour. I highly recommend looking her up.

It really is a fun family tour.

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Best tour guide in Puerto Rico! Professor Natalie had a wealth of knowledge and a background from all over the world that really enriched the experience. From learning about the history of San Juan, the politics, or best bars, the experience was worth a lifetime of memories. She doesn’t say this in her profile, she’s also a wonderful photographer for those IG moments. Excited to get with her whenever we go to Puerto Rico next!


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Nataliya was a wonderful tour guide! She was extremely knowledgeable and shared so much valuable information with us we left feeling like we had a good understanding of the history of Puerto Rico. In addition she was so patient and kind even with our most difficult child. She kept our young children (ages 2,6, 9) engaged the entire time! She answered all of their questions, showed them many interesting things and completed many science experiments with them. I would highly recommend Nataliya to anyone traveling with young kids in Puerto Rico. She does a variety of tours to different parts of the island. We enjoyed her so much we took another one of her whole day tours a couple days after the city tour. This tour was just as awesome!

Child Friendly City Tour

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If you really want to experience old San Juan, its history and culture, the best way possible is by joining Nat’s tour. She is one of friendliest people you will ever meet, with the most colorful of backgrounds and wealth of knowledge in geopolitics and philosophy. In comparison to tours we have taken around the world, in culturally rich areas, nothing compared to the amount of information that we received during professor Nat’s tour. The best espresso shot you ever had? Check. The best home made banana sangria you ever had, check? No minute wasted. If you want to share stories, go ahead. If you want to learn, just listen. Passionate, brave, kind, friendly. Sign up.


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Nataliya is fantastic! She had such extensive knowledge of the area and really put forth a ton of effort to make the tour as personal as possible. She took pictures of me in front of the historical monuments and even provided advice on posing, so thoughtful! She was funny and clever in her storytelling, and I really liked learning from her. By the end of the tour it felt like she could have been a relative showing me around.


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This tour is a MUST DO while in San Juan!!! Natalia is a superb tour guide. She brings your attention the most fascinating aspects of this island’s history. The many stops throughout the tour makes the time fly by! Especially loved the opportunities to support local businesses!


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What a wonderful experience! Not only is she knowledgeable and personable, Natalye is also witty! Great fun and I learned so much. I’d do it again and definitely encourage others.


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We did a wonderful walking tour of old San Juan with Profe Nat but she offers lots of different tours, all of which I am sure are amazing! Profe/Prof/Professor Nat is a wonderful tour guide with years of experience and historical knowledge! This tour has it all- history, culture, architecture, sangria, crafts and more. We really enjoyed the whole experience. Nat gave a great overview of San Juan and Puerto Rico in general but she is an expert that can tailor the tour to your specific interests. This was a great way to spend an afternoon. We were able to book last minute which was convenient as we only had a few days in the city. It was a fasinating introduction to the beautiful old town. We had a blast and would highly recommend this tour to you and your family. It is great for all ages. The process was seamless and Profe Nat is funny, professional, smart, and will take tons of photos for you, which just shows how much she will go above and beyond to make your experience memorable. 10/10, 5 Stars, A+, would definitely recommend!!!

Carolyn Fuller

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Great tour! Nataliya is so kind and shares so many wonderful facts about San Juan! Def recommend this tour for anyone looking to make new friends, learn some history, and enjoy a few drinks too 🙂


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Nataliya’s tour was a great time and she was great with our 3 kids (all under 7). We learned a ton about Old San Juan and she did a great job customizing the tour to our kids interests. Would highly recommend!




This was an incredibly packed day of fun and education! Profane Nat was an amazing guide, and it was lovely to get to spend the day with her learning more about Puerto Rico, her life, and the region we specifically explored! The drink she provided were really yummy and she even Included some of her homemade wine! Would 1000000% recommend this excursion.

10/10 Would Recommend - Book this now!

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Profe Nat is great!!! She took us to alot of hole in the walls. It was great to see Old San Juan and learn the history. She also made a very good rum that was delicious!!! She took us to a great restaurant and took lots of pics for us. We loved touring with her and will be back soon to see her for another tour!

Profe Nat is great!!!

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It was the most remarkable tour. The time passed by very quickly because the tour was very informative and interesting. Natalia is the best tour Gide! I definitely recommend.

The best tour I've ever had

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I took a tour with Professor Nat through Northwest Puerto Rico recently. I went with my cousins and their 7 year old daughter. We had an absolute blast! Professor Nat is incredibly kind and knowledgeable about Puerto Rican culture, food, geography, not to mention what a fun and amazing educator she is for both--young and old (aka me). Our entire family was listening intently to her stories, watching her entertaining experiments, which she designed for our youngest member. She is fluent in many languages, including English, Puerto Rican Spanish, and Russian, and knows many delicious hole in the wall food places to savor the taste of PR. She has a deep understanding of Puerto Rico's economic, political, and cultural dilemmas, and she talks about it all with deepest love and appreciation for the island and its people. I highly recommend Professor Nat for any and all ages!

Oksana Prodan

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If you have a chance to take a tour with Prof. Nat…. Just do it. Even though I was the only person on the tour, she did not cancel. Instead she gave me a super individualized tour and showed me areas of San Juan I would not have seen if she had not taken me there. It was like a friend picked me up and showed me what they loved about the city. Oh and she brings you her homemade sangria which was amazing.

Naomi Downs

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Thanks Natalia for giving my family such a wonderful tour of the island! You were so knowledgeable about Puerto Rico and thanks for discussing so many fascinating world topics. You have such an incredible encyclopedia of knowledge about plants, forest and fauna of the island. I also learnt a lot about the islands history today. I hope my family can join another one of your tours next time they visit Puerto Rico. Thanks for making their holiday a memorable one. Also congrats on an amazing tour!

Kimberly Ha

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WOW! What an amazing experience this tour was. I wanted something a little more kid friendly because I had my 6 year old with me and didn't want him to get bored. Nat FAR exceeded my expectations. Not only did she have an incredible amount of knowledge to share about Puerto Rico, but she is also very passionate about what she does. When we first started the tour, we hadn't had the opportunity to eat yet. Nat so graciously offered to change the route of our tour so we could stop and grab some coffee and food. Along the tour, she did an amazing job with keeping my son engaged. She had several science experiments to do with him and conveyed the history to us in a way that made it enjoyable for him as well. This was a three hour tour and not once did my kiddo want it to end. He LOVED it! And so did I. At the end of the tour we even received a sweet treat. I could honestly spend a whole day listening to all of the facts she has about the world. She is incredibly kind and genuinely wants to make your experience a good one. I HIGHLY recommend taking this tour. Even if you don't have kids with you, it was the best!!!


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What an incredible experience! My family including our two young kids enjoyed all of our 3+ hours with Professor Nat. Her knowledge spanned everything from history to economics, culture to geology, all delivered with a delightful sense of humor. She kept the kids engaged watching large fish in the harbor, playing with magnifying glasses and compasses, learning about the rock cycle and local geology and sea creatures in the area, and she was prepared with other material to take in whatever direction suited each child's interests. The adults were able to enjoy some relaxed time and learned about Puerto Rican history while the children were engaged. Professor Nat also introduced us to good places to pause for a coffee or a gelato, as well as a recommendation for lunch at the end of the tour. One of our favorite mornings in Old San Juan!


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