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Black sand beach in Puerto Rico

The sea, the sun, the sandy beach – many people’s idea of ​​​​the perfect vacation. What color is the sand on the imaginary coast? Of course, gold or snow-white. But there are places with gray, pink, orange, red and even green sand. But the most incredible landscapes can be seen on the black sand beaches. 

Sandy beaches are the centuries-old work of the sea, wind, and sun to grind minerals. The color of the sand depends on the materials on which the water works. Black sand is hardened volcanic lava, shattered into tiny particles by the worker-sea, countless times brought by the tides to the coast, so that today people can admire the results of labor and bask on the dark velvet of the beaches.

Playa Negrа in Puerto Rico, Vieques Island is called the black pearl of the island. Volcanic soil rich in magnetite falls on Playa Negra along with rain flows from the slopes of Monte Pirata. It is fenced off by steep yellow-brown rocks. Its peculiarity: the mineral magnetite is present in the sand, constantly confirming its name – it changes the compass readings, sticks to metal objects and turns towels black. The beach has repeatedly become a place for photo shoots and filming commercials. Models in swimsuits were photographed for Victoria’s Secret in 2015.

Black sand is considered curative for diseases of the skeletal system, joints and respiratory organs. You need to “dig in” in the sand no earlier than 4 o’clock in the afternoon, when the sun and sand are no longer so burning, 10-15 minutes sessions.

Note: the black sand gets very hot, so you must wear shoes on the beaches during the hot time of the day – so as not to get burned.

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