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Come and visit Caribbean gem - Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico (Spanish: Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico), or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico- a territory dependent on the United States in the status of an “unincorporated organized territory” (under the control of the United States, without being an integral part of them); the supreme power belongs to the US Congress, but the territory has a system of self-government. Puerto Rico has its own constitution since 1952; legislative, executive and judicial branches. The connection to the United States lies in the presence of a common citizenship, currency and defense. Due to the lack of a clear legislative framework for the status of the territory, this issue is being a reason for frustration for Puerto Rican people and is actively discussed on the island itself, in the United States and the UN. 

It is located in the Caribbean Sea on the island of Puerto Rico – the smallest island from the Greater Antilles group.

The secret of the unique atmosphere of Puerto Rico is hidden in the history and increadibly rich culture and centuries old traditions. On the one hand, every visitor feels like in the USA: laws, regulations, modern technologies and infrastructure. On the other hand, Puerto Rico is a tropical paradise, with turquoise oceans, cool rivers and waterfalls, palm trees and lush tropical greenery. On the third hand, this is certainly has a charm and charisma of Latin America, and on the fourth, this is, of course, the story of great victories and tragedies, the discovery and navigation of the New World. All this makes Puerto Rico an amazing in its diversity island, attracting millions tourists annually, mostly from the United States, of course. They appreciate this island for its cosmopolitanism and openness, warm hospitality and endless things to see and to do.

The climate of Puerto Rico is maritime tropical, mild with slight seasonal temperature fluctuations: in the southern part the temperature is slightly higher than in the north, and in the central mountainous region (Spanish: Cordillera Central) it is always cooler than on the rest of the island. The winds move from the east to west across the island year-round. The average annual temperature is + 80 °F (26°C). The hurricane season lasts between June and November. Dozens of hurricanes have been recorded in the island’s history, but probably the most destructive was San Ciriaco, which struck in 1899, and most recently Hurricane Maria, 2017. Dry Season – December through March.Rainy Season – April through November, but don’t let that deter you from visiting Puerto Rico  since hotel rates and deals are very attractive. Currently area 9104 km². According to the Census 2022 current population is at 3,252,407. 

 Without a doubt come and visit this Caribbean world – class destination for any age!

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